5 Bands Looking To Make A Big Entrance At Stone Free

1. Evil Blizzard

Four bassists a singing drummer and a dancing pig dressed in sinister-looking rubber masks. Sounds like the sort of children’s TV concept that narrowly missed going into production in the early eighties. In actual fact it’s conceptual rock band Evil Blizzard who’s live spectacle is a unique experience. Inspired by krautrock, Hawkwind, Killing Joke and Public Image Limited, drummer Side says: “When we supported the Fall, half of the crowd said: ‘That’s the absolute worst thing I’ve ever seen.’ The rest thought it was fucking brilliant”.

– Sound like…psychedelia meets post punk at a Victorian freak show
– Look like…Slipknot’s more sophisticated British cousins with a slightly smaller wardrobe budget
– Listen to while…experiencing their live spectacle or committing ritual sacrifice

2. Buck & Evans

Slash describes Chris Buck as “a fu*king awesome guitar player”, both Classic Rock and Blabbermouth have noted similarities to Fleetwood Mac, while Bob Richards used to put in the odd drum shift for AC/DC. Bringing a slightly slower and perhaps more sophisticated sonic approach to the Big Entrance Stage, Buck & Evans melt bluesy rock with vocals dripping with raw emotion.

– Sounds like…rock and soul (rather than rock ’n’ roll) with a Fleetwood Mac feel
– Looks like…a band that plays two types of music – Country and Western
– Listen to while…reminiscing

3. Massive

We rock out as hard as we can maybe until we physically hurt ourselves on stage and then go just a little bit further to make sure everybody is entertained,” says Aussie rockers Massive. Expert energetic party rock packed with tight, aggressive riffs, booze-soaked guitar solos and vocals paying the odd bit of homage to Sunset Strip.

– Sounds like…a band that grew up in a small Australian town where hair metal never died
– Looks like…a band that grew up in a small Australian town where hair metal never died
– Listen to while…doing extreme ironing (but be careful you don’t accidentally burn the cat)

4. Massive Wagons

A live band first and foremost, expect a much more audio-visceral experience than when listening to the record. In their words: “It’s quite simple really, we are five purveyors of hard and heavy rock and roll. No fanciful tales, no from the ashes bullshit, absolutely no gutter to glory cobblers.” The result at gigs is melodic hard rock served in surprisingly warm, thick slices.

– Sounds like…Black Stone Cherry, Black Spiders (anyone else with Black in their name)
– Looks like…the bar staff at the Big Red
– Listen to while…cooking or making a particularly succulent and rich sandwich

5. Death Valley Knights

In their own words, their favourite things are: “Rock, Beer, Rock, Beer… long walks on the beach…” The contemplative type of drunk then. Music-wise Death Valley Knights don’t complicate things. They channel the spirit of classic metal to produce driving tracks with big, dominant drums and a whiff of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal about the vocals.

– Sounds like…a band that opened up back in the day for Saxon or Judas Priest (with more modern instruments)
– Looks like…a band that opened up back in the day for Saxon or Judas Priest (with more modern leather)
– Listen to while…driving (preferably through Death Valley)

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