Please see The O2 website for all information regarding facilities available at the event.

What if I have a question when I’m inside the event?
If you have a question or issue whilst inside either The O2 arena or Indigo at the O2, please speak to a steward. If you have any issues in the areas outside of those spaces, please speak to a steward or a member of the event management team.

Is there anywhere to leave luggage?
It is better for everyone if you do not bring a bag at all to the event. The venue will not allow large bags into the arena, but you will be permitted to take small bags and handbags in with you. The venue classes small bags as no larger than 35cm x 40cm x 19cm or standard handbags.

If you do have to bring a large bag with you, you can leave this at the venue’s bag storage facility in Car Park 1, at a cost of £10 per bag. All bags will be searched and screened before being accepted into the bag storage facility.

Bag storage closes 30 minutes after the end of the event. Items won’t be held overnight, therefore bags must be collected before the facility closes.

Are there ATMs inside the event?
Yes, there are ATMs near The O2 main entrance. When you come in, head to the left. They’re next to merchandise.

Things you can’t bring:
• Glass
• Drugs – Stone Free Festival operates a strict no drugs policy, you may be searched on entry and anyone seen to be in possession of drugs will be ejected from the site and reported to the police
• Animals – no pets please except guide dogs
• Food and beverages (including water)
• Please do not bring any bags with you that you do not need. There will be a full bag search on arrival which may delay your entry
• Items which are or may be illegal. Anyone found in possession of illegal or contraband goods may also be liable for prosecution
• Weapons, ammunition, explosives, horns, whistles, drums, fireworks, flagpoles, large umbrellas or any other item which in our reasonable opinion, may cause danger or disruption to any event or to other visitors (regardless of whether or not such item is illegal or is carried for specific purposes)

Personal Safety
• If you’ve lost or found property please speak to a member of staff and they will advise on where to go to hand in items you’ve found or to ask if anything has been handed in. After the event please check The O2 website for details.
• If you see anything that you feel may be suspicious or see any persons acting suspiciously please bring this to the attention of the nearest steward.
• Please look after yourself at the event, ensuring that you drink plenty of water and eat food plus wear appropriate clothing for an indoor event. If however, you do feel unwell or need any assistance, or see another person that may need help, please contact a steward or the medical team.
• In the event of an incident follow instructions from stewards.
• To find out more, please visit the venue’s security page here.

What else do we do to keep you safe?
The answer is lots. There are the security measures you can see and of course the ones you can’t. We monitor the whole site each and every day and our staff is trained to ensure all our guests have a safe, secure and happy time. We work very closely with the Metropolitan Police and members of the security services to ensure our security procedures are up to date and following best practice.
We also have a team of sniffer dogs working around the clock. If you’re lucky, you may see one on duty but please remember, these are busy working dogs with a very important job to do.

Is there any first aid available in the event?
Trained first aiders are always available. The O2 has first aid rooms in or near all the venues. During events, a qualified team is contracted to take care of medical emergencies.